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Hosted White Label Smartphone Sync Service

NuevaSync's Cloud Service gives SaaS providers the ability to deliver reliable smartphone sync service, including PIM data and push email, to their users. They can immediately support all the popular device types including the iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, WebOS, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry. Users' data is accessed remotely by NuevaSync's servers as required and in real-time, typically using the provider's existing Web Service API. Cloud service is backed by an SLA and runs on NuevaSync-owned machines that we monitor 7/24, colocated in first-class facilities and with excellent connectivity at SVColo.

The Cloud Advantage

NuevaSync Cloud partners benefit from our economies of scale. We maintain an extensive lab inventory of devices which are continuously tested to ensure ongoing compatibility with the service, as device vendors release firmware updates and add new features. Our scalable sync technology, developed for and proven with more than 200,000 user devices on our Personal Services ensures trouble-free syncing and therefore happy users. Our infrastructure has been designed specifically to provide high traffic over-the-air mobile device service, including the ability to maintain hundreds of thousands of long-lived SSL connections, and special measures to cope with load spikes generated by device vendor firmware update release events.