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NuevaSync for Mozilla Thunderbird Users

NuevaSync's $30/year Personal Service provides true push email experience for the iPhone, Android, Nokia, HP/Palm and Windows Phone. Accessing any IMAP-enabled mailbox from the cloud, the service appears to the mobile device like an Exchange server. With push email service the mobile mailbox is always up-to-date and new messages arrive within seconds.

In addition to push email, the service can also sync contacts, calendar events and tasks from a variety of data sources including Google, Yahoo, Toodledo and 37Signals.

NuevaSync is a great way for Mozilla Thunderbird users with a smartphone to get mobile push email service and it's even easier now thanks to the NuevaSync Add-On for Thunderbird.

The Add-On provides a quick and error-free way to setup a new NuevaSync account that's pre-configured with the mail server details fetched from Thunderbird's setup.

After setup, the Add-On can display real-time device sync status (fetched securely from the NuevaSync service) in the Thunderbird status bar. Confirm your phone is connected and syncing before heading out the office. Any sync errors or push disconnect due to device configuration can be seen straight away and corrected.