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Quick and Reliable Account Setup

With our Add-On for Mozilla Thunderbird, creating a NuevaSync account ready to deliver push email on your smartphone is quick, easy and error-free. This is because the Add-On can read your mail server setup information from Thunderbird. With your permission, it sends the mail server information securely to NuevaSync’s cloud sync service to create your preconfigured account. NuevaSync accounts created by the Thunderbird Add-On are the same as premium subscription free trial accounts created from our web site, except they’re preconfigured to sync email from the mailbox selected by the user in Thunderbird.

You can log in to the Control Panel to add additional configuration for Calendar, Contacts or Tasks syncing, contact support, change your password and even delete your account. After creating a new account, the NuevaSync Add-On for Thunderbird will continue to monitor device sync status for that account so you can see easily when your mobile device connects and check on its sync progress.


Install the NuevaSync Add-On.

Select "Tools\NuevaSync Push Email".

Follow the new account wizard instructions.

Setup your mobile device.

Need help? Let us know.