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Frequently Asked Questions for Thunderbird Users

How is NuevaSync's email service different to using IMAP on the mobile device?

Mobile device IMAP email apps get new messages from the server every few minutes so the inbox displayed on the device is always out of date. NuevaSync offers a "push" email service so any time you look at your email on the mobile device, it shows the latest messages. The new email beep is within seconds of the message arriving. For most users NuevaSync's service will give longer battery life.

How much does NuevaSync's service cost?

NuevaSync Personal Service Premium Subscription, which allows syncing email as well as calendar, contacts and tasks from supported data sources is priced at $30 per year. More information on subscription levels can be found here.

Does the Thunderbird Add-On support multiple NuevaSync accounts?

Not at present. It's good suggestion though.

Does the Thunderbird Add-On support multiple mobile devices?

Yes. Status will be displayed for all devices currently using your NuevaSync account.

Why does NuevaSync need my email password?

Our service needs to be able to access your mailbox in the same way Thunderbird does and to do that needs the password.

Is there any way to avoid using my password?

Yes, we have implemented support for OAuth-based mailbox access. This uses cryptographically secure tokens in place of a password. Unfortunately the only mail service we're aware of that has OAuth support is GMail/Google Apps. Since Thunderbird does not currently have OAuth support, the Add-On can't use it either. Please create and configured an account on our web site if you want to use OAuth access with GMail.

Does NuevaSync support POP3?

No, unfortunately POP3 doesn't provide the facilities we need for push email sync. You need an IMAP-accessible mailbox to use NeuvaSync.

Does NuevaSync support calendar or contact sync from Thunderbird?

Today we do not, but it's a good idea. At present you can sync contacts with Google, Yahoo or 37Signals and calendar events with Google.

How do I set up my mobile device or phone?

Check this page for setup instructions for all supported device types.