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Push Email from IMAP Servers

Push sync delivers your new e-mail messages to your device within seconds of their arrival at your mail server. Most devices support some kind of beep and vibrate alert for new messages. Therefore you can leave your device in your pocket, only turning it on to read new e-mail when it beeps. NuevaSync supports the following mail servers and services: GMail, Dovecot, hMailServer, SiteCround, DeskNow, FastMail, Mailtraq, GMX, Courier, Gordano.


We currently support Google Calendar and Google Apps Calendar. Multiple calendars are synced to devices that have a multiple calendar sync capability (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). For other devices multiple calendars are merged into one for the device. Windows Mobile phones can use calendar event categories mapped to Google calendars.


Google/GMail contacts and Google Apps contacts are supported, with the ability to select which contact groups sync to the device. Yahoo and 37Signals Highrise contacts are also supported.


We support tasks sync from Toodledo and 37Signals Highrise. Google Tasks is supported with limited availability at present due to Google API traffic limitations. Note that only certain devices currently support tasks syncing (Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5, Windows Phone 7.5, iPhone and other Apple devices running iOS5 or later, Palm WebOS, Nokia and Android using the touchdown client.