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Frequently Asked Questions

Which phones and tables work with NuevaSync?

Please see this page for device compatibility information.

Can I get setup instructions for my phone?

First check your mailbox for the welcome email because it has setup instructions for your phone. If you have an iPhone you can just enter this URL in the phone's Safari browser: We also have a web page that lists setup information for all types of devices.

Does NuevaSync work two-ways: syncing from the phone as well as to the phone?

Yes it is. If you want one-way sync you can put your account in read-only mode.

Can I manage multiple Google Calendars on my phone?

For most phones yes. The iPhone and Windows Phone 7.5 support multiple calendars natively with NuevaSync.

I don't see all my calendars on my phone. What's up with that?

By default only those calendars to which you have write access are enabled for sync. You can enable others, and also disable syncing any of your calendars using this control panel page.

Which payment methods does NuevaSync support?

We take most kinds of credit cards and you can also use PayPal and hence all the payment forms they handle including eChqeue.

Can I remote wipe my phone using NuevaSync if it is lost or stolen?

Yes you can. See here for more details.

How do I get help and technical assistance?

We answer questions and provide technical support via email. Support requests related to your account must be entered on the control panel web site (using this page). Please check that the email address registered for your account is still valid because the support system will try to send you email at that address. If you have a question just send us email to