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Dependable Sync Service

NuevaSync provides reliable and dependable sync service with friendly technical assistance via email.

The $15/yr Basic Subscription level syncs calendar, contacts and tasks data while our $30/yr Premium Subscription adds Push Email.

Newly created accounts can be used for free for up to 10 days. There is no credit card needed for the free trial and we never automatically charge your card to renew. No surprises. You get what you want.

  • No download or app to install.
  • Works with your smartphone or tablet's built-in sync software.
  • Syncs Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Email (or whichever of those you need).
  • Selection of data sources available including Google, Yahoo, 37 Signals Highrise and Toodledo.

Basic and Premium Service Features

The table below shows the differences between Basic and Premium NuevaSync Personal service levels:

Push email syncNoYes
Calendar, Contacts, TasksYesYes
Remote wipeYesYes
Contacts captureYesYes
Meeting invitesNoYes
Device Sync ScopeYesYes
Target support response72h24h
Max. devices24

Make your account

Create an account to try the service free. The account wizard can get you syncing right away. Just click the boxes below. Pick your type of phone on the left. Choose what you want to sync on the right.

E.g. for an account for to sync Yahoo Contacts with an iPhone, select the iPhone box and then Yahoo then Free Trial Sign up.

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  • Google Calendar
  • Google Contacts
  • Push GMail
  • Google Apps Email
  • Toodledo Tasks
  • Yahoo Contacts
  • Highrise Tasks
  • Highrise Contacts
  • Push IMAP Email