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User data security

NuevaSync's services have been designed with the goal that no user "payload" data should be stored on our machines. We do not store any email message content (including subject and recipients) nor do we store any PIM data (except where we are explicitly providing a storage feature such as our contact capture facility).

Our services enforce the use of SSL encryption on all connections (connections from devices to our servers, connections made by our servers to partner web services, and also end-user web browser connections to our control panel site). It is not possible for users to make plaintext connections to our servers.

Device and web browser authentication can be proxied in real-time to the partner's authentication service. This avoids the need for NuevaSync to to store user account credentials.

The service can be configured to mandate device data encryption, lock screen password protection and to enable remote device wipe.

Given these security measures, our partners can be confident that sensitive user data is protected within our sync ecosystem. In addition we can provide contract warranties that allow a partner's HIPAA compliance to be extended to cover the sync service.


Cloud Service partners provide their users with first line support while NuevaSync's support team handles any second-line issues. The support team has a direct and real-time view onto the user's device's activity within the system. This, combined with the deep understanding we have of device behavior, allows for quick and efficient resolution of most reported problems.