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Google Sync for Nokia S60Series, Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo

NuevaSync works like this : configure a NuevaSync account on our web site. Setup Nokia's Mail for Exchange (MfE – already installed on most phones). Your Google Calendar events and optionally GMail Contacts are now on your phone. Any changes made on the phone, and any new events or contacts added on the phone, sync back to Google.

  • Service has been specially engineered to work reliably with Nokia's S60 Platform MfE sync client, including the E71, E72, N8 and most E and N series phones. Also the N900 Maemo and the N9 MeeGo devices.
  • Supports events from multiple calendars and also selecting to which Google calendar events created on the phone added.
  • Subscription price: $15/yr ($1.25/mo). No automatic renewals, no credit card needed until you want to pay to subscribe. Begin with the 10 day free trial.

Ready to get started? Just select your smartphone type and the data you want to sync below to begin. It's quick and easy:

In addition to Google Calendar and Contacts, NuevaSync can also sync contacts, calendar events and tasks from a variety of other data sources including Google, Yahoo, Toodledo and 37Signals, and push your email from its existing mailbox. Lean more and sign up for a free trial here.