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Push Your Email with NuevaSync

NuevaSync adds that missing push capability for your existing mailbox. It's a perfect add-on for Fastmail, GMX email, or for anyone running their own in-house IMAP servers.

NuevaSync works like this : configure a NuevaSync account on our web site. Add the NuevaSync server as a Corporate or Exchange account on your device. Our servers access your mailbox via IMAP. Your phone or tablet connects to our servers using its built-in mail client. Your email pushed!

  • Works with your existing email. No need to change hosting provider or email address.
  • Works with most smartphones. Uses the device's built-in email client.
  • Reliable, dependable, secure, supported. With the features you need.
  • Subscription price: $30/yr ($2.5/mo). No automatic renewals, no credit card needed until you want to pay to subscribe. Begin with the 10 day free trial.

Ready to get started? Just select your smartphone type below to begin. It's quick and easy:

In addition to push email, NuevaSync can also sync contacts, calendar events and tasks from a variety of data sources including Google, Yahoo, Toodledo and 37Signals.

Are you looking for a service like this that you can re-sell to your users with your own branding and a dedicated server host name? Then please get in touch with our commercial sales team to learn more about our white label products.