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NuevaSync Push Email Features

  • Add-on service for any mailbox, as long as it supports IMAP and the IDLE command.
  • Works with popular email hosting providers including 1and1, Gandi, GMail, GMX, Fastmail and LuxSci (unfortunately AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo are not supported at present).
  • Works with most corporate and other dedicated mail servers including Dovecot, DeskNow, Courier, Gordrano, Ipswitch, UW and Zimbra.
  • No need to change email hosting or address to get push service.
  • Works with most smartphones including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Nokia S60 Series, Maemo, MeeGo, RIM Playbook, PalmOS, HP WebOS.
  • New messages and updates pushed from mailbox to device in seconds.
  • Longer battery life vs device IMAP polling.
  • Supports HTML email, message flags/stars, folders, threaded view, reply and forward from multiple sender addresses. All international character sets and message formats handled.
  • Real-time sync status display add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Control Panel web site allows real-time device sync activity to be monitored, remote wipe, sync state reset.
  • Calendar, Contacts and Tasks sync also available if needed at no extra charge.
  • Service carries a strong commitment to security and your privacy.
  • From the experts in sync: we've been delivering reliable and dependable service for many years.

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